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Sunday, January 31, 2016


I.  Call to order

The meeting was called to order by President David Egbert at 12:36 PM.

Members Present: David Egbert (#7),Tim Baker (#16), John McElroy (#26), Joe Cronin (#6), Lisa Palmer (#9), Jurgen and Gabrielle Schlichting (#20), Hillary Cone (#24), Marylou Bourdow (#1), Ann Marantz (#26), Kent Tse (#5), Robin Warren (#25), Donna Woolums (#13), Joe Maka (#18), Mark and Sally Welton (#12), Quay Peters (#19.

A quorum was confirmed

II. Introduction of new owners

New owners Mark and Sally Welton were introduced.

III. Minutes from the annual meeting of 2015

Joe Cronin moved that the 2015 minutes be accepted as sent.  Mark Welton seconded the motion.  The motion was passed.

IV. President’s Report

President David Egbert discussed the following successful significant projects completed and paid for in the last 2 years:

▪ Pool equipment upgraded, the pool refurbished, and landscaping completed

▪ Modera construction repairs including repair and painting of the South wall, brick column repair for unit #18, pressure washing, and brick cleaning

▪ Termite and wood rot repairs totaling $35,000 covered by Huntington reserve funds

▪ Repainting of the entire complex

▪ Repair of the wall by the West garbage bin.

John McElroy will discuss the one capital issue that is digging an irrigation well for Huntington watering

V.  Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Tim Baker discussed aspects of the Huntington financial situation.

• Finances are stable.  Expenditures for 2016 were over only by 1%. 

• Long term reserves are in pretty good shape.  Reserves are currently $69,553.93 plus $11,000.00 set aside for self insurance that is no longer needed.  Projected additions through 2018 will bring that amount to $145,646.  There should be enough money available for roof replacement in 2018.

◦ Roof replacement is scheduled for 2018, but may take place sooner depending on the number of roof repairs. 

• Water bills are from $1,500 to $2,000 monthly.

President David Egbert moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  Hilary Cone seconded the motion.  The motion was passed. 

VI. Secretary’s Report

Secretary Quay Peters requested that unit owners deliver a copy of the home owner’s insurance declaration page listing the amount and dates of coverage.  The copy can be emailed to or provided to Quay at unit #19.

VII. Election of Board Members

Previous board members on the slate included in the meeting package were David Egbert, John McElroy, Tim Baker, and Quay Peters. Lola Walker, Phil Foley, and Robin Warren were new additions to the slate.  The slate was approved.

VIII. Committee Reports

John McElroy reported that he has gotten quotes for digging an irrigation well at the Huntington.  John Williams is the person who will drill the well  The well would be about 120’ deep with a 3 horse power submersible pump.  The actual depth would be determined during the process so the cost could vary slightly. The well head (roughly the size of a baseball) would be above ground.  The well would be on Huntington common property near the North West gate

Hillary Cone expressed concern that the well might end up on her property.  She was reassured that legally, the well has to be on Huntington common property.  She would like a covering to hide the above ground part of the pump.

Tim Baker said that the pump should save about $2,000 a year so would pay for itself over time.

Kent Tse inquired about maintenance for the pump and was told that $500 is spent yearly to repair sprinkler heads.

President David Egbert asked for a vote on the recommendation to drill a well on Huntington property to provide water for irrigation.  The well vote passed.

IX. Proposed 2016 HOA Projects

President David Egbert discussed the following projects:

          a. Pool cleanup /furniture repair or replace

          We will upgrade the pool furniture to maintain an attractive appearance around the pool.

          b. Paint north wall and 3rd Street wrought iron

          c. Clean/replace mailboxes

            Mailboxes will be pressure cleaned and possibly replaced.  David will put together a

            Committee to determine what should be done.

X.  New Business

Hillary Cone called attention to concrete splatters on some of the brick columns.  This will be              checked.  Joe Maka asked someone to check the gate slide on one of the dumpsters.  Joe talked about dog owners that don’t clean up after their dogs who defecate around the Huntington perimeter.  Lisa Palmer will procure and post signs to discourage this.  Hillary Cone asked what could to encourage the renters in unit #14 to keep their garage door closed.  The Huntington HOA doesn’t have the authority to require garage doors to be closed.  President David Egbert said that pavers around the Ficus courtyard tree will be pulled up, tree roots will be cut, and the pavers will be replaced.   He will have Floridian spray for ants in the courtyard.  In the next few weeks, David and John McElroy will walk around the Huntington to identify needed repairs.

Robin Warren expressed gratitude to David Egbert, John McElroy, and Tim Baker for their attention to and time spent on Huntington affairs.

XI. Adjourn

President David Egbert adjourned the meeting at 1:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Quay Peters


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